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Daniel Wilson

You've found your tribe.

Daniel Wilson

You've found your tribe.

A community of language learners helping each other stay consistent and motivated.

Why You Should Join

We have Facebook, we have conferences, we have group lessons and language exchanges. But we don't have a global community of language lovers who are committed to consistency, growth, and togetherness. We need a home where we can cheer each other on toward our goals. There should be a place where we can share resources, tips, and stories, year round. 

Next Word is that place.

If you've struggled with consistency in learning a language and have needed someone to encourage you and keep you accountable, Next Word is for you.

We are helping save endangered languages. When you join, you are supporting work happening all over the world which is helping document and maintain endangered languages. 

About Me

I'm a professional linguist who is documenting an endangered language before it disappears. I'm a father who (with my wife's enthusiastic support) moved my family of 6 to Russia to immerse myself in the Russian language. I'm a language enthusiast and networker. I'm also the founder of XRI, a company dedicated to connecting science and practice for the good of humanity.


A Big Thanks

Thanks to all Next Word members past, present, and future. We are only successful because we are together.

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